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Important Message

The Neighbourhood Development Plan community group would like to add this list to the Plan with a view to securing these areas from any development in the future. It is felt we need to protect our local environment for posterity.

Are there any areas you feel passionate about that we have not considered, and you want to protect? (not woodland as this comes under a different heading) contact

Many thanks

NDP Group


Sandon-Crown​The Sandon NDP steering group are continuing to make progress with the NDP.

A consultant has been engaged to help. He has given the draft NDP a ‘Health Check’ and will work with the Sandon group to action some updates and improvements before sending the NDP to Chelmsford City Council for their comments. Funding for the consultant has been agreed via a government supported group: Locality.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group consists of local residents, businesses and organisations which hold a specific interest in the Sandon Parish and has the responsibility for drafting the Sandon Neighbourhood Plan.

If you would like further information regarding the Steering Group please e-mail:

The Steering Group

Jane Willis – Chair
Judy Cecil – Secretary
Cedric Calmeyer
Pat Ferris
Dee Hyatt
Pam Knott
Jan Ullmer
Martin Cross

Key Milestones for NDP

The table below shows the key milestones for developing the NDP and our estimated dates for completion:


9th October 2017:
NDP terms of reference agreed by Sandon Parish council (SPC)
2nd November 2017:
Chelmsford City council (CCC) agreed Sandon NDP process
5th December 2017:
Agreed questionnaire and possibly short awareness raising film


26th February 2018:
Development of Sandon NDP website
2nd – 6th March 2018:
Paper Questionnaires delivered to all Sandon residents
and Sandon NDP website goes live
20th March 2018:
Start to analyse questionnaire responses
24th April 2018:
Sandon PC annual meeting and planned NDP awareness workshop
May – Oct 2018:
Develop draft NDP Vision
Further workshops/?questionnaire/focus groups/1-1 discussions


Jan to Feb 2019:
Launch Business Questionnaire and Sandon School survey. Collect information from local groups
March/April 2019:
Event to get feedback from community
Develop Neighbourhood Plan: Vision, Objectives and Policies
October 2019:
Draft policies uploaded to website and will be displayed at Sandon Christmas Fayre for comment November 2019.
Draft policies sent to Chelmsford City Council for initial comment November 2019


Early 2020:
Comments came back from Chelmsford City Council and we subsequently reviewed the draft NDP.
During 2020:
Covid 19 restrictions moved our meetings to Zoom and we attempted to take on a consultant who proved to be more expensive than the available funding, so back to the drawing board and some time went by.



Early 2021:
We have engaged a consultant who will be within the budget of available funds. The 2021 funding window opened in April and we started work.
June 2021:
Jon Herbert of Troy Planning has given the Draft NDP a ‘Health Check’.
July 2021:
The NDP group met in person to discuss the health check and agree updates/improvements
August 2021:
The NDP group met with Troy Planning to agree the next steps in putting into action the suggested changes to the document.
September 2021:
The NDP group met to work on the document. Troy Planning continued to work on the sections they were allocated.

Future Dates

September/October 2021
Troy Planning and the NDP group will finalise agreed changes to the draft NDP
End of 2021
The draft NDP will be sent to Chelmsford City Council for their comments and to start the Strategic Environmental Assessment process
Early 2022
The 6 week long ‘Regulation 14’ consultation will begin
Spring 2022
The NDP will be submitted to the examiner
Mid 2022
Hopefully the referendum will be held and the Sandon NDP will be approved

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